Irish Board of Dance Performance

Who Can Enter Candidates?

We will accept entries from all teachers holding recognised, relevant qualifications: for classical ballet exams, this means a ballet teaching qualification from a recognised dance organisation. For modern theatre dance, a dance and drama teaching qualification.

To qualify this further, for our ballet exams we will be looking for a recognised qualification from ISTD, RAD or IDTA, such as a DDE, CDE, RAD Teacher’s Certificate or IDTA Teaching Diploma. Acceptance of entries from teachers holding other qualifications (for example, from other countries) will be subject to determination by the Irish Board that the qualifications are of equivalent standard.

For Modern Dance exams, the range of possible acceptable qualifications is much broader, but we want to be assured for health and safety reasons primarily that teachers wishing to enter candidates hold a teaching qualification in dance, musical theatre, drama with dance, or something that we believe to be equivalent.

Please note that you must have at least 20 candidates to be eligible for a face-to-face examination.