Examination Regulations

  1. Applications for examinations are accepted on the condition that candidates will be examined in accordance with the requirements of the current syllabus.
  2. All entries must be made through the online booking system. Each entry must be accompanied by the correct entry fee. Entries and fees must reach the Irish Board of Dance Performance at least six weeks before the proposed date of the examination. The Irish Board reserves the right to refuse entries which do not comply with these conditions.
  3. A timetabled list of candidates’ names with the type and grade of their examinations must be supplied to the Irish Board at least two weeks prior to the examination.
  4. The person submitting the entry must complete an agreement to abide by the regulations of the Irish Board of Dance Performance. 
  5. The minimum number of candidates for the recognition of an examination centre is 20. By agreement and arrangement, an examination centre may comprise more than one physical location. 
  6. Examination fees will not be refunded.
  7. Each candidate is responsible for the supply of all equipment, props, costumes and so on required for her/his examination.