GDPR Policy


The Irish Board of Dance Performance is an independent dance examination body. Our purpose is to facilitate the acquisition of dance skills and develop the ability of young people to express themselves through movement. The operation of the Irish Board is governed by a distinct set of human values that emphasise encouragement, inclusivity, professionalism, relevance, flexibility and openness. Our approach to the gathering, management, retention and access to data is governed by the same values.

Information held by the Irish Board of Dance Performance

Dance teachers

Name, address, email address, phone numbers, name(s) of the schools in which she/he teaches, administrative and qualitative details relating to previous examinations

Exam candidates

For each candidate, name, type of exam taken and grade achieved, by year


Name, address, phone number, email address, vetting information (including date of birth, any other names), details relating to previous centres examined, bank account details for payments

Purpose of information held

  • To facilitate contact and the dissemination of information about the organisation and its operation
  • To facilitate the dissemination of essential material for exam entry and administration
  • To facilitate the production and award of certificates
  • To monitor the progression of candidates
  • To facilitate the retrieval of information, certificates and so on by candidates and teachers
  • To keep a record of Garda Vetting
  • To attract existing and newly qualified teachers to enter our exams

Permission sought to retain information

The Irish Board will seek permission to hold personal data in the following ways:

Dance teachers

On our booking form we will include a tick box requesting permission to retain vital information relating to each teacher’s name, address, contact information and exam centre details and records in accordance with this policy. In any broadcast email we will include details as to how the recipient may unsubscribe from our mailing list.

Exam candidates

In order to produce certificates for each candidate, the Irish Board will need to acquire and retain the name, exam type, level and result for each candidate and it will be the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that this is understood by candidates and their parents.


In the examiner availability form issued annually to examiners the Irish Board will include a tick box by which examiners will assent to the Board recording and retaining data essential to the examining process, in accordance with this policy.

Access and amendment to information

Upon request and once we have adequately verified the identity of the applicant, the IBDP will make available to any person whose records we hold, all the information held by us and will make any amendments to that information that may be requested by the applicant.

Deletion of Information

Upon written request and once we have adequately verified the identity of the applicant, the IBDP will delete any or all of the information held in relation to any applicant. The Irish Board of Dance Performance may be contacted in the following ways for this purpose:

By post to: Irish Board of Dance Performance, D 11 Nutgrove Office Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

By email to:

Duration of retention of data

Dance teachers

We need to hold essential contact information in relation to dance teachers in Ireland and Northern Ireland in order to facilitate the dissemination of examination material. We will hold such records in relation to each dance teacher indefinitely unless we are requested to delete them.

Exam candidates

The information held in relation to each exam candidate is minimal (name, type of exam taken and marks awarded, by year). We receive frequent requests for replacement certificates or information on previous exam results. We will hold such records in relation to each exam candidate indefinitely unless we are requested to delete them.


Examiners are the representatives and public face of the Irish Board. We are obliged to hold certain information on each examiner as part of the vetting process. It is essential for us also to hold contact information and details of past work in order to facilitate the effective administration of the examination process. We intend to retain all information held on each examiner until such time as an examiner retires, removes herself or is removed from the examiners’ panel.

Video-based Examinations

Government measures designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus during the pandemic in 2020 resulted in the cancellation of face-to-face exams. In order to continue to offer exams, the Irish Board designed a system of exams based on video performances. This involves exam candidates videoing themselves performing the syllabus requirements and uploading the video to a central location managed by the Irish Board. We have made the following policy provisions relating to this process in order to manage the information held by the Irish Board:

• As part of the video exam process, each candidate will be asked to upload a video of her/himself carrying out her/his exam (as outlined in the Irish Board syllabus) to the Irish Board Dropbox account via a link. Here is a link to the Dropbox Privacy Policy.

• The Dropbox upload link will be sent to the teacher and it is the teacher’s responsibility to share the link with each candidate. Therefore, the Irish Board will not have access to or hold any candidates’ email addresses.

• The candidate’s video will be uploaded to a private and secure folder created specifically for their centre/school. The Irish Board will have access to the candidate’s name and the video file that has been sent. The candidate’s email address will not be accessible.

• The Irish Board and the assigned examiner will have access to the exam centre’s private folder for up to 30 days, after which the videos and folder will be deleted. Access to the private folder will not be granted to any other person(s) under any circumstance.

It is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure candidates and parents are aware of how the Irish Board manage personal data during the video exam process. It is also the teacher’s responsibility to seek permission for the candidate’s participation.

This policy

The Irish Board intends to make this policy document available on its websites and will draw attention to its existence on social media. We welcome feedback from our clients and/or members of the public on any aspect of our organisation and we undertake to give due consideration to any feedback received on the contents of this policy.


David Meredith


Irish Board of Dance Performance


June 2018 (amended April 2020)