Irish Board of Dance Performance

Graduate Award (Suggested Ages: 16 and over)

Suggested Ages: 16 and over

Duration: 20 minutes


Students run in and greet the examiner.

Centre practice

A centre practice combination showing (for example): tendus and dégagés, grands battements, port de bras, pirouettes, poses and rises in various alignments.

Ports de Bras

An expressive port de bras exercise showing (for example): walks, chassés, chassés passes, circular port de bras, fondus, en dedans pirouettes.


An adage combination to show (for example): développé passes into attitude and arabesque, chassés, fondu and tombe, arabesque& attitude à terre and en l’air, pirouettes en dehors and dedans, assemblé soutenus en tournant etc.


A pirouette exercise to show 3 different types of pirouette: en dehors and en dedans and pose turns.

Warm up Allegro

A combination of changements, échappés and relevés to warm up the feet, with change of direction (e.g. croisé to croisé, or turning by 1/4s).

Enchainement 1

An exercise to show (for example): changement battus, échappés battus, jetés derrière, glissades and pas de bourrées as before.

Enchainement 2

A combination with larger movements showing (for example): full contretemps, passing glissade, grands jetés, coupe chassé pas de bourrées.


Group dance of no more than two minutes in duration showing (for example): ports de bras, any of the allegro steps from this level and below, variations of speed and level, opportunity for each candidate to be seen. Pupils may have input into choreography. Props optional.

Reverence or bow

Reverence and run out.