Irish Board of Dance Performance

Senior Three (Suggested Ages: 15-17)

Suggested Ages: 15-17

Duration: 20 minutes

As with all other levels, none of the exercises are set. However, the steps below are a guideline of what we would like to see in the exam. The Sample Exercises do not include all the steps mentioned below. The choice is yours. Any steps from previous levels can be included.

Centre practice

Tendus. Glissés. Grand Battements. Fondus. Rond de jambe á terre

Ports de Bras

Transfer of weight. Reverse port de bras.


Developpés. Arabesques. Attitudes. Fouetté of adage à terre.


En dehors and en dedans. To include other vocab. (eg: chassés, balances)

Allegro Warm Up

Glissades: devant, derrière, over, under. Jetés. Assemblés. Pas de bourrées. Sissonnes. Grand jetés


Echappé sauté battu with or without change of feet

Linking Steps

These can be used in any of the above. Walks. Runs. Coupé chassé pas de bourrée. Posé temps levé. Courus