Irish Board of Dance Performance

Junior Three

Suggested Ages: 11 – 13

Duration: 20 minutes


Students run in and greet the examiner

Warm Up

A free arrangement to warm up the body. Could include walking, jogging, galloping, body swings, shoulder rolls, arm circles, basic footwork etc

Tendu Exercise

A standing exercise to warm up the feet and ankles to include tendus to the front and side. Could include simple transfer of weight and coordinated arms.

Forward and Side Stretch

An exercise to warm up the spine, further develop the Forward Stretch from Junior 2 and combine with Side Stretch. Could include Side Bends.

Limbering – Front and Side Kicks

A floor exercise to further develop Leg stretching and Front Kicks from previous Grades and introduce Side Kicks.

Kicks Sequence – Front and Side Kicks

A standing sequence of Kicks to show good placement, floor pressure and core strength. Could include preparation kicks, flick kicks, step and kick and use simple linking steps.

Jump Sequence

A combination of bounces, jumps, springs and hops. Could travel from the corner.

Combination Step

A short sequence to show the candidates ability to link dance movements together. Could include stepballchange, open turns, split runs, jazz pas de bourre.


Dance of no more than one minute duration.


Simple bow and run out