Irish Board of Dance Performance

Junior Two

Suggested Ages: 9-11
Duration: 20 minutes


Students run in and greet the examiner.

Warm up

A combination of arm swings, reaches and circles (outward and inwards) with knee bends, relaxation and use of the breath to prepare for movement. May include steps, little bounces, claps, etc.


Forward stretch exercise: An exercise to show the forward stretch, emphasising correct and careful placing. Leg kicks: A floor exercise, showing extension, flexion and relaxation of the legs and feet, emphasising correct and careful placing.

Jump Sequence

A combination of jumps, bounces and steps. May show different levels and directions, claps, etc.

Step Ball Change

An exercise to show Step Ball Change from both corners, one at a time. Might be combined with some turning steps, e.g. step turn step.

Split Runs

An exercise to show Split Runs from both corners, one at a time.


Dance of no more than one-minute duration showing (for example): step ball change, galops, arm, shoulder and other isolations, back together forward combo and behind side front combo, jumps, turns and use of different levels and timing. Props optional.


Simple bow and run out.