Irish Board of Dance Performance

Graduate Award

Suggested Ages: 16 and over

Duration: 20 minutes


Run in and greet the examiner.

Warm up

Full body warm up to include running steps & lunges, and drags, turns & rises.


As included in Senior One and Two, to include more advanced Neck/Rib isolations. Also circles with Ribs, syncopation.

Travel and Leap Combination

Amalgamation One

Amalgamation Two


Short dance of no more than one-and-a-half-minute duration

Vocabulary of Steps

Steps included in Senior One and Two. Also kicks on fondu, rise & relevé, Outward & inward round kicks, Springs and kicks with body tilt, Step and sideways split leap, Turning drag runs, jazz turns in attitude, jazz pirouette with a leap, floorwork.


Simple bow and run out.