Irish Board of Dance Performance

Junior One

Suggested Ages: 7-9
Duration: 15 minutes


The students run in and greet the examiner.

Warm up

A simple warm up exercise to show walking, jogging, free arm movements such as shoulder rolls, clapping etc.

Foot Exercise

An exercise to show flexion and extension and relaxation of the foot and ankle. Could be performed seated on floor.


An exercise to show leg extension and control: could include kicks and leg stretches.


Sequence A combination of jumps and claps, showing good use of the knees and feet: could include jumps to face different directions, etc.

Step Ball Change

A combination from the corner to show Step Ball Change – seen one at a time on both sides.


Short dance (one minute or less), performed together, may include any steps from previous grade, plus step turn step, springs, hops, mime, basic isolations etc. Props optional.


Simple bow and run out.