Irish Board of Dance Performance

Preliminary Two

Suggested Ages: 5-7
Duration: 15 minutes

(The teacher may enter with the group if desired.)


Students run in and greet examiner.

Feet & Hands

An exercise to warm up the feet and ankles and to show dexterity and motor control of the fingers and hands. May be performed seated.

Jump sequence

A combination of jumps and claps feet in parallel and apart, aiming to show relaxed knees on landing and good use of the feet.

Galop & Skip from corner

A combination of galops and skips from the corner, seen one at a time, from both sides.

Run & Mime

Running from the corner with candidates own choice of mime – may be a character from nursery rhyme or story, an animal etc.


Short dance (one minute or less), performed together, may include any steps from previous grade, plus springs, hops, mime, basic isolations etc. Props optional.


Simple bow and run out.