Irish Board of Dance Performance

Senior Two

Suggested Ages: 13-16

Duration: 20 minutes


Run in and greet the examiner.

Warm up

Full body warm up to include running steps & lunges, and drags, turns & rises, spins, leaps, floorwork.


Head/Shoulder/Hands/Arms/Hips/Knees/Ankle/Neck and Rib isolations and Hip circles.

Travel and Leap Combination

Amalgamation One

Amalgamation Two


Short dance of no more than one-and-a-half-minute duration

Vocabulary of Steps Steps included in Senior One. Also jazz pas de bourrée, relevé kicks, jazz pirouette en dedans, accented jumps and leaps, Step and sideways split run, drag run sideways and side fall.


Simple bow and run out.