Video Exams

The pandemic has forced us all to think about different ways to do everyday things. We have created a simple, straightforward, safe and secure way for candidates to do their exams by video from home.

Here’s how video exams work:

  • The teacher submits an online booking form (see below)
  • We will send the teacher a confirmation email including a link to a private and secure folder that has been created for the exam centre
  • The teacher shares that link, plus some helpful instructions that we’ve drafted, to each candidate
  • Each candidate simply videos themselves performing their exam pieces at home and uploads their video to the folder via the shared link
  • When all the candidates have uploaded their videos, we’ll give the assigned examiner access to the folder
  • Report sheets, certificates and medals will be prepared and sent to the teacher in due course

What people have to say about video exams

“An efficient and accessible way to continue with exams in the current climate. Found it very good for my senior dance students!”

Dar Pierce, The Ballet Academy

“Thank you so much for being so helpful throughout the online experience – our kids really loved the opportunity to take their ballet exams this year and were delighted with results.”

Nicole McDonald, Steptacular

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